menu marker all Our Specialty Cookies (hand painted and edible images or logo cookies) are made from a delicious butter cookie recipe available in six different flavors. Once baked, these cookie favors are covered in a delicate layer of fondant (a tasty recipe we’ve developed to complement the cookie flavor) upon which our custom hand-painted designs are created or images are applied. The finished product is delightfully tasty and almost too pretty to eat. Because our specialty cookies are individually hand painted by one of our artists, we consider them edible works of art.

FLAVORS:  butter, almond, lemon, chocolate cherry, chocolate mint and chocolate orange

SIZE: our Specialty Cookies range in size from approximately 2” – 10” (L+W) and are priced according to size and labor intensity

SHELF-LIFE: our Specialty Cookies will remain delicious for approximately 8-15 days if unopened

PACKAGING: our Specialty Cookies are individually packaged in a food-safe, crisp cellophane bag and tied with an organza ribbon

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  We recommend keeping your unopened cookies in cool, dry location.  Placing our Specialty Cookies in the refrigerator or freezer may cause the painted or printed areas to bleed as they come to room temperature.

CUSTOMIZATION: Can’t find what you are looking for?  We enjoy custom cookie designing, we invite you to call us at 719-641-6600 or email us at  We’d love to work with you to see if we can create something just for you!

Inspired by the classic French Sable’, our Tender Crunch Cookies are characteristically golden brown, buttery, and delicately sweet.  Each perfectly pairs with a cup of coffee, a tea-filled mug, or the quintessential tall glass of milk.

A Dutch-processed rich, dark cocoa cookie is chock-filled with semi-sweet chocolate chip and coarsely chopped roasted almonds.  One bite into this Tender Crunch cookie and the aromatic almond flavor asserts its self for an enjoyable experience.
We start with rich, dark cocoa, add oodles of semi-sweet chocolate chips and finish with a burst of peppermint. Once you try taste them, you’ll think you’ve landed on Planet Yum!
Is it us, or do you find the iconic hash marks impressed in the top of the peanut butter cookie comforting and familiar?  This crunchy peanut butter cookie reminds of home.  Enjoy this delicate crunch cookie with a milk or hot cocoa.  Yum!
The dried blueberry and cranberry blend is the centerpiece of this Tender Crunch cookie nestled in the whole oats base and bursts with flavor.  One will taste like another and another until they disappear.

What can be more classic than a traditional French Sable’?  Buttery crisp, these cookies are slightly sweetened and accented with touch of sea salt.

Crispy tender, rich in whole oats and plump dark raisins, these cookies feature a melange of Mexican spices perfect for autumn and winter weather.
We’ve added our signature “tender crunch” to the iconic chocolate chip cookie along with plenty of semi-sweet chocolate chips. One bite and you’ll be looking for a cold one–a cold glass of milk, that is.
Inspired by the familiar lemon-poppy seed tradition, we put our signature spin on these delectables which pair nicely with herbal teas or a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream.

This classic cookie, with its cinnamon-sugar coating and signature tang, reminds us of grandma’s cookie jar favorites.